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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rough Spots HAPPEN

Photo Illustration By: Loree McDonald
Fights happen.

Bumps in the golden-paved road to Happily Ever After are something everyone must endure.

But it is okay, because fights between couples can build up and strengthen relationships. Mary Pat Bragers, Occupational Therapist, says, "Relationships are difficult-especially in college-but some of these hurdles are important in the fundamental building of relationships."

This is very true, because sometimes the way couples fight and talk things out can really show the dynamic and inner-workings of how the relationship will play out in the future. Erin Thoes, History Junior, says, "My boyfriend and I hardly ever fight, but when we do it really showcases our strength and love for one another."

Love and learning to love each other is important when conquering other bigger problems in hard times. But even when fights seem to hard to handle, you should take a step back to calm down and re-think your emotions. Friends can often be a good safety net for these kinds of situations.

Robyn McDonald, High school Junior, says that even in times where every fight is full of drama, her friends are there to help. "Taking advice from people about other situations is helpful, sometimes you can get an outside view of a problem."

Sometimes the support of friends can be the most helpful
thing in rough times within your relationship.
Photo By: Loree McDonald


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Get a room

We've all been there before, sitting in a room or restaurant and averting our eyes while a couple is seemingly groping each other nearby. It can prove to be an awkward situation to say the least, but there are several ways to prevent yourself from ever being "that couple."

First lets talk about what makes you feel uncomfortable. Like for instance, if your parent or youth pastor walked in on you giving a quick smooth to your significant other, would that make you blush? What about being pressed against a wall and breathing hot and heavy? You see my point.

Not only is PDA a reflection on your ability to act classy, but it also is an important marker for the success of your relationship. Relationships that are over-the-top touchy and physical have a greater potential of failing because physicality is a sign of insecurity.

Cody Jefferson, Youth Pastor at St. James United Methodist Church says that when dealing with teenagers he gives them a general rule: "Boys, you are blue. Girls, you are pink. I don't want to see any purple. If I see any hand holding, your eye is going to be purple from my fist." For children this is definitely appropriate, but for twenty-somethings Jefferson says any more than a peck on the lips or arms on the waist is too much.

Relationships are special and physical intimacy are a part of relationships.
But that doesn't mean the whole world has to see that aspect of your relationship.

The best rule of thumb to follow is:
If you would feel comfortable doing it in front
of a child, then it's probably okay in most situations.

Photo By: Loree McDonald