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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Meet the Parents

Sometimes wishing for the best, isn't the best way to go about things.
Photo by Loree McDonald

Meeting the parents is an important step in any budding relationship. When one or both parties decided a relationship has become serious enough to merit a visit to the worst of all interviews, there are precautionary measures one can take to avoid any awkward hiccups. Julie Suratt, Cosmopolitan writer, says, "Avoid the urge to force a familial relationship; these people are still essentially strangers." This is very important because you cannot assume you will be immediately accepted into the family. 

One of the most important things about meeting your significant other's parents is finding common ground with them. For some couples this can be a difficult challenge because of diverse backgrounds. Not to worry though, there is always a middle ground between your beloved and their cherished offspring. Try to relate with the parents on something you might know something about, such as cooking or sports. Learn their background and where they come from, this will help you to understand what kind of people they are.

Remember that for city steppers and country folk, we all share a common interest: politeness. When first meeting the parents a firm handshake is required, and if there is a hug offered, you should reciprocate politely. It's important to leave the parents feeling as if their child is with someone who brings out only the best attributes. Just remember little things, like offering to clear the table, help cook the meal, asking about any pets, and only flattery towards your sweetheart is acceptable.

Another thing people from all walks of life can appreciate is humor. You should never be the first to make a joke about something, but if you can muster up the wit, it's definitely worth a shot to add humor onto your resume of traits they will soon admire. Suratt also adds that it's important to know you are genuinely caring about their son, "Hold his hand, kiss his cheek, or share a story about how he made you laugh. Once they know your feelings are authentic, they’ll begin to trust you."

Also, if you make your beloved happy, then the parental instincts can't help but to love you. It's very hard for mothers and fathers alike to let someone else potentially be responsible for their child's happiness, but once they realize how wonderful of a couple you are, there won't be need for fear or discomfort.



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Love the photo and nice job writing on the blog. Here is what I want you to think of next: finding the experts and the more newsie stories from your relationship beat. It will bring the value home a bit more.

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