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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Does he pass the "So What" test?

Photo: Loree McDonald

"He's wonderful... Smart, attractive, sweet, and totally into me."

"So what?"

Ladies, let's be real. Your friends are pretty much the people you go to when you need advice or help validating a relationship you are involved in. But how does that fit in with your actual needs?

Friends are said to hold the best interest for you, but where does selfish interest come in?

Dr. Patrick Ellis, Norman Psychologist, believes that intuitively you should always trust yourself. Your friends may know what's best for themselves, or even be familiar with your patterns of behavior, but, "no one knows you, like you."

Some would disagree with this sentiment. Meghan Bragers, Social Work sophomore at the University of Oklahoma, says that sometimes your friends can see the details that you have missed. "Love is Blind sometimes," says Bragers.

But where does this fit in with your relationships?
Here are some tips to help you decide when it's most appropriate to take your friend's advice:
1) At the beginning of a relationship, listen to the rumors - usually they care true.
2) Forgive his past, but never forget it. Some boys can really put on a show and lead you to believe they have changed, but let's be real - people sometimes never change.
3) When your intimacy becomes a personal detail, your friends might not understand the entirety of the story. Just remember, you are you and you can feel your heart.

Photo By: Loree McDonald



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